The table of NICHe Projects

— Life Science —
The development of innovative therapy for refractory cancers Specially Appointed Prof.
Yasufumi Sato
Applied Oxygen Physiology Project Prof. Norio Suzuki Web
Advanced Food Biotechnology Research Project Prof. Teruo Miyazawa Web
— Environment —
Research and development of tough robotics and AI technologies
for real-world applications
Prof. Kazunori Ohno Web
— Nanotechnology and Materials —
Supercritical Technology for Nanomaterials Prof. Tadafumi Adschiri Web
Development of advanced metallurgical processes for next generation Prof. Shigeru Ueda
Super-Large-Scale Computational Science Simulations for Industrial Development Prof. Momoji Kubo Web
Molecular Interface Engineering Prof. Kazue Kurihara Web
Development of new materials based on ne w metal additive
manufacturing technology
Specially Appointed Prof.
Akihiko Chiba
Research and Development of Micro Systems for Safety and Security Specially Appointed Prof.
Kazuhiro Hane
Development of crystals and applic ation devices contributing to
sustainable society
Prof. Akira Yoshikawa Web
Innovative Technology Development for Diverse Risk Management
– Towards Safe and Sustainable Society –
Prof. Yutaka Watanabe Web
— Information and Communication —
Comprehensive development of advanced technologies of
semiconductor infra-structures, processes, devices and sensors
Prof. Shigetoshi Sugawa Web
Development of evaluation technology contributing to the creation of materials and devices for next-generation innovative power electronics using scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy Specially Appointed Prof.
Yasuo Cho
Center for Holistically Integrated and Packaged Systems (Tohoku CHIPS) Associate Prof.
Takafumi Fukushima
Research on Crystal Growth, and Optical and Electrical Devices of Nitride Semiconductors Specially Appointed Prof.
Takashi Matsuoka


Specially Appointed Prof.
Tetsuya Suemitsu