The table of NICHe Projects

— Life Science —
Project for Antibody Drug Development Prof. Yukinari Kato
Food Biotechnology Innovation Project Prof. Teruo Miyazawa
— Environment —
Plant Biomass Chemical Industry Project Prof. Shuichi Oi
Social Innovation toward the Creation of Prosperous
Future Society in the Efficient Use of Water Infrastructure
Prof. Tatsuo Omura
Development of Column Support System for Steel Moment
Resisting Structures to Perform Beam Yielding Mechanism
Prof. Yoshihiro Kimura
Collaborative Research for the Frontiers
of Manufacturing Technology Based on Material Science
Prof. Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa
Field Robotics Project for Unmanned Surveillance Associate Prof. Keiji Nagatani Web
Next generation Advanced Mobility System Project Prof. Hidetoshi Matsuki Web
— Nanotechnology and Materials —
Innovative Development of Supercritical Processes Prof. Tadafumi Adschiri Web
Ultra-low Friction Technology Area Prof. Kazue Kurihara
Research and development of Sensor Network for Safety and security Prof. Hiroki Kuwano
Research and Development of Interconnection Materials and
Processes for Advanced Electronic Devices
Prof. Junichi Koike
Ageing Degration Evaluation and Condition Monitoring
Prof. Tetsuo Shoji Web
Research and Development on Non-equilibrium Magnetic Materials Prof. Akihiro Makino Web
Creation of Atom-Endohedral Fullerene Nanobiotronics Prof. Fuminori Misaizu Web
Development of Novel functional Crystals and Their Devices Prof. Akira Yoshikawa Web
— Information and Communication —
Digital Content Creation, Understanding and Distribution Associate Prof. Terumasa Aoki Web
Advanced Semiconductor Sensor and Devices Prof. Shigetoshi Sugawa Web
Research and Development of the Electric Wave Environment
Improvement Technology
Prof. Masahiro Yamaguchi Web
Advanced Photonics for Bio-imaging and Nano-processing Prof. Hiroyuki Yokoyama Web