Professor Emeritus Tetsuo SHOJI, a Senior Research Fellow of NICHe, received UR Evans Award.

The Award is the most prestigious award of the Institute of Corrosion in the UK and is given to a person annually for outstanding international achievements in pure or applied corrosion science in honor of Ulick Richardson Evans FRS (1889-1980), described in the Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society as the “Father of the modern science of corrosion and protection of metals”

His achievement is the field of the theory of environmentally-assisted cracking (general term for stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen cracking, corrosion fatigue, etc.) caused by the complex synergism of mechanics, materials and corrosion, and leading to solutions of industrial problems based on the fundamental understanding. He has been conducting a Center of Excellence program on “Physics and Chemistry of Fracture under Complex Environments and Failure Prevention” and also carried out many domestic and international industry- academia joint research program.

The award ceremony and his award lecture were held at the 60th Corrosion Science Symposium on August 28, 2019 in Glasgow, UK.


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